Staff Of Shamrock Co-operative Homes Inc.

Stephen Rier - General Manager


    Stephen is the General Manager of Shamrock Cooperative Homes. As the General Manager of the Co-op, Stephen's responsibilities are:

Property Management - Stephen is responsible for the management of all co-op property. This includes making sure that the necessary repairs are done, maintaining adequate records, and generally ensuring that the co-op is in good shape.

Supervision of Staff - Stephen is responsible for the supervision of all Shamrock staff, both permanent and temporary. He advises and helps the Board hire contractors and ensures work is completed as required.

General Administration - Stephen is in charge of the general day to day administration of the Co-op. His duties in this area include ensuring that the legal and corporate obligations of the co-op are met, acting as agent of the Board of Directors in implementing Board decisions, and overseeing budgetary, financial and investment decisions in conjunction with the Board and Finance Committees.

Subsidy Administration - Stephen also administers the geared to income assistance program. He is responsible for processing subsidy applications, income verification and ensuring that all requirements for assistance are met.

Accounting - Unlike other co-ops where a separate bookkeeper is employed, Shamrock is lucky, in the sense, that Stephen does all the required bookkeeping for the co-op. His duties include revenue collection, accounting, disbursement, and audit preparation. In addition, Stephen monitors housing charge arrears, does the bi-weekly payroll and generally ensures that the co-op is in sound financial management.

Other Interests - Stephen's involvement in the co-op sector is not only limited to Shamrock Co-op. His involvement in the Co-op sector includes the following:



Emily Smith - Assistant Administrator


    Emily has been with Shamrock Co-op since July of 2011. Her duties include management of the Greenback Incentive Plan records for all households at Shamrock, routinely inspecting the grounds to stay on top of maintenance/upkeep issues, composing most of Shamrock's flyers and other mailings/notices, as well as all of the general office duties involved with administrative assistant positions. Emily is a former member of the co-op, and is frequently involved in Shamrock's Social events when "off the clock" - volunteering her time and effort to functions such as the Summer BBQ, Christmas dinner, and other various gatherings. She graduated from Seneca College's Library and Information Technician Program in Summer 2011. Emily has previously worked with CSACO in an administrative assistant role, and currently works part-time at both Shalom Community Co-operative and Willowside Housing Co-operative (both in Kitchener) in addition to the work she does with Shamrock."