Shamrock Co-operative Homes Inc.

Co-op Principles


  1. Voluntary and Open Membership. Membership in the co-op is open to anyone who accepts the responsibility of membership.
  2. Democratic Control. All members have an equal say in the running of the co-op.
  3. Economic Member Participation. All members contribute in a fair way to the costs of running the co-op.
  4. Autonomy and Independence. Co-operatives are autonomous organizations controlled by their members.
  5. Co-op Education. Co-operatives provide education and training for their members.
  6. Co-operation among Co-operatives. Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the co-op movement by working together through local, national and international structures.
  7. Concern for Community. While focusing on member needs and wishes, co-operatives work for the sustainable development of their communities.

Co-Op Flag Colours And Their Meanings:

Red - represents courage, the courage to stand together.

Orange - represents hope for the future.

Yellow - represents warmth, friendship and concern for others.

Green - represents growth in co-operatives and individually as we learn more about ourselves and others.

Sky Blue - suggests unlimited horizons and possibilities.

Dark Blue - represents hard work and perseverance - the challenge of working together to achieve our goals of harmony, equality and economic efficiency.

Violet - represents respect for others.