Shamrock Co-operative Homes Inc.

    Shamrock is run by a volunteer Board of Directors who are elected annually by members during the Annual General Members Meeting in November. The Board is collectively responsible for overseeing the affairs of the Co-op. The Board is also responsible for the hiring and supervision of staff, who are charged with the day to day administration of the Co-op.

Shamrock's Board of Directors For 2020-2021


Board Officers:

President:  Wanda Cox *2022

Vice-President:  Martina Ronnenberg *2021

Treasurer:  Shelley Miller *2021

Corporate Secretary:  Joyce Nieuwesteeg *2022


Board (Directors)Members:

Colleen Griffith *2022

Donna McClellan *2021

Devin Griffith  *2021


* means current term expiring in November of the year indicated.